Why is the Force the top club team in the Long Island Area?

Teaching is hard, kids want to “play” and we have a proven track record!

Millon lacrosse has been in business for 25 years teaching young boys how to get better at playing lacrosse. NO ONE puts more energy, passion, or devotion into instruction than us. We have a group of coaches that will teach and push the kids to set goals and get better as an individual while instilling teamwork and as much as anything FUN. Here is the bottom line though, EVERYONE will say this…but we have 25 years of doing it.

What does it cost to play on the Force?

The fees for the Force are $2,200 due in three separate payments. That includes all tournament fees, all practices, fall, winter, and spring. Every player will receive a custom uniform and shooter shirt. New players to the program will receive a helmet and returning players will receive a custom Force Under Armour equipment backpack or custom Force gloves (rotates each year).

Who should I contact to learn more about the Force?

Adam Kohart, kohart25@yahoo.com or call 516-660-9818.

When and where will the teams practice?

Most of our practices will be 6-8pm at Farmingdale State University

Do you guys put an emphasis on winning?

Our primary emphasis will be on making each individual a more skilled lacrosse player, gain a better understanding about competing at the highest level, and being a better teammate. However, we recognize a young players competitive nature and we will ensure that our teams compete.

How are your fees vs other club teams?

Our fees are at the low end of the spectrum when compared to other club teams on LI.

What is the location of most of the tournaments?

Six out of the seven tournaments we play are on Long Island. Some of the worlds top youth lacrosse is played on Long Island, so why travel all of the U.S. to play when you can play the best right here.